About WeFarmTZ Clearing & Forwarding

WeFarmTz Clearing and Forwarding Agent, is a Tanzanian Limited Company registered under the Tanzanian Companies Act of 2002 to carry out various activities. It has also been registered and Licensed Pursuant to the provisions of East African Community Customs Management Act with License No 100753 for provision of Customs Clearance (Air and Sea Freight)

The Company is Located and operates in Dar es Salaam with production Units located at Kisarawe and Songea Districts.


WeFarmTz Operations are managed with competent staffs who are full conversant, with relevant expertise in freight forwarding backed up with tremendous experience, team work, integrity and hard working to ensure we provide comprehensive cargo and logistics management.

We are committed to provide Professional and personalized services to meet your demands and expectations.

Services offered at WeFarmTZ

WeFarmTz Clearing and Forwarding Agent, offers import, export, clearing and forwarding services in East and Central Africa. With a strategic location in Dar es salaam-Tanzania which act as a hub for servicing all landlocked countries of Zambia, Congo-DRC, Rwanda, Burundi, Malawi and Uganda.

Customs Clearance & Port Handling


We offer the best door to door services fully coordinated with international transportation services by road and railways from and to East and central African countries. We assist our clients in preparing documents and offer solutions to the challenges associated with Import, Export, Customs Clearance and freight forwarding. Our status reports will keep you full informed with daily and weekly updates on clearing progress and ongoing procedure. This also involves, updates on potential challenges as well as measures undertaken to overcome them. We provide A to Z solution in relation with Port Clearance.

Air Freight


We collect export goods from your premises, deliver to airport and imported goods from airport to your premises. We know that the decision for airfreight is usually made for urgency and we will therefore take all possible measures to avoid delays upon arrival. Our dedicated officers at airport are there purposely for that reasons. Our worldwide network of agents shall have the goods ready and customs cleared for collection.

Road Freight Transport


We offer distribution services to transport your Cargo after clearance to your final destination. Our services are fast & reliable with dedicated specialist at ports for clearance handling which eliminate chances for delays in Customs clearance, thereby avoiding storage and other charges.

Sea Freight

We offer facilitation on Sea freight via cargo ships; for goods that are packed into containers, Loose Cargo and vehicles loaded onto a vessel sailed to their final destination Countries via Dar es Salaam Port. We assist you from documentation and handle step by step process of your cargo to delivery and booking for exportation to final destination. We will make sure you have everything ready for your shipment to avoid unnecessary delays which can course extra cost.

Parking & Warehouse

Wefarmtz Company Limited manages a list of out growers who produces fertile eggs for hatching at the company.

Logistics and crops transportation

Wefarmtz Company Limited manages the storage and transportation of crops produced upcountry into Dar es Salaam for processing and value addition.

Why Choose Us

We have a close link with shipping lines that operates in Tanzania, thus you are assured with fast and reliable link to all ports and commercial destination throughout the world.
We assure safety of goods all the time when they are under our professional care up to when they reach your final destination. Proper customer service is our number one priority with fair rates and on time handling of statutory related procedure and approvals.

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WeFarm TZ Clearing & Forwarding

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EMAIL: logistics@wefarm.co.tz
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